Mountain Institute CTED Start  Date

Mountain Institute Start date

All programs except CTEC courses (Welding, Auto Collision/Repair, Pre Engineering, Aviation) begin on August 6th 2018.

Students in the Medical Assisting, CNA, and Culinary Programs are scheduled to begin on August 6th and will need to be transported by the school bus system to their respective program locations.

For completion of enrollment we have set Friday the 10th and 17th to finish up the registration process for all students taking Friday Courses. The 15th and 16th are scheduled for students taking Monday –Thursday courses. Please ensure that students are able to attend these dates to finish anything left incomplete and to prepare for the fall semester.

Students taking CTEC Programs: Welding, Auto Collision/Repair, Pre Engineering, Aviation will follow the schedule for Yavapai College which begins on August 20th.


Please call us to ask any questions or state any concerns you have regarding this issue.

Thank you.

Mountain Institute CTED Staff