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Mountain Institute CTED in partnership with Yavapai College are excited to announce an upcoming event.

On March 19th 2020 we will be hosting a presentation with Mark Perna as the keynote speaker on the Yavapai Prescott campus in the community room from 3:30 to 5:30. (building 19 room 147)

Mr. Perna will be speaking about shifting the paradigm of college readiness and career readiness being two separate entities. He discusses the synergy of academic knowledge and technical skills to create a competitive edge for young people entering today’s work force along with an insight into the amazing potential of Generations Y and Z.

There will be a free copy of his book “Answering Why” for the first 180 people who attend, Mark will be available immediately after the presentation to sign books. Please register below.

For more information, please contact: Tom Oppelt Student, Services/Program Director at (928) 771-0791 EXT. 403 or

Register Here

Event Description

Join dynamic education expert Mark C. Perna as he unveils the groundbreaking innovations and strategies for working with today’s younger generations. The single most important competitive advantage a young person can possess in today’s workforce is the synergy of academic knowledge and technical skills — and Mark’s insights will demonstrate how they can achieve it.

Parents, educators, employers, and young people themselves will benefit from Mark’s perspective on the amazing potential of Generations Y and Z. A father to two successful millennials, Mark delivers key insights on today’s younger generations, how to answer their all-important question why, and how to connect with them at a deeper level. You’ll also find out how the proven Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy helps keep young people engaged in their chosen pathway.

In addition, you’ll experience the power of a planning culture where young people are encouraged not just to set goals, but to create viable plans to reach them. With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to start new conversations about the outstanding college and career foundation that goal-driven education delivers. Finally, the Wade Factor story will recharge your passion for making a difference by showing the lasting impact of the ripple effect.

With clear action steps you can implement immediately both in your home and professional life, Mark’s message will help you motivate young people, show them why education matters, and empower them to achieve at a higher level. Countless parents, educators, and employers have used Mark’s strategies to maximize their interactions and outcomes with today’s younger generations. Now you can experience these exciting tools to start motivating the young people in your sphere of influence like never before!

About Mark C. Perna – Founder, Author, and CEO

Mark PernaMark C. Perna is the founder and CEO of TFS, a full-service strategic communications and consulting firm whose mission is to share and support every client’s desire to make a difference. Mark, a graduate of John Carroll University, has many years of experience addressing industry leaders on the topic of expanding their reach in an increasingly global marketplace. As an international expert on Generations Y and Z, Mark has devoted his career to empowering educators and employers to unleash the tremendous potential of today’s young people.

After successfully parenting two Millennials as a single father, Mark has become a passionate advocate for bridging the generational divides that are contributing to America’s profound skills gap. Parents, schools, districts, businesses, and state organizations across North America have successfully used Mark’s best practices, including the TFS Education with Purpose® philosophy and Career Tree® strategy, to connect more effectively with the younger generations. A dynamic and motivational public speaker, Mark frequently delivers keynote speeches at national and statewide events and spoke at Harvard University by special invitation.

At TFS, Mark heads an energetic team of talented professionals who share his vision of making a bigger difference in education and workforce development. TFS partners with schools, districts, businesses, and state organizations of all sizes nationwide to help them experience significant gains in enrollment, engagement, retention, and performance rates.

Mark has published numerous articles in national publications and interviews frequently on radio shows, television, and podcasts. His award-winning bestseller, Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, was written to help educators, employers, and parents understand Generations Y and Z and inspire them to greater performance in all areas of life. Find out more about Mark and his work at