Yavapai College has determined to close all campuses and hold all classes virtually from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4th. The Yavapai College leadership team will meet on Dec. 4th and reevaluate the status to determine if they stay remote or bring students back on campuses.


Information Regarding the Re-Opening of MICTED

We give students the tools, training, and confidence that open doors to a brighter and more secure future. Our mission is to maintain premier and technical education conducive to producing lifelong learning and community leaders in an ever-changing society.

Mountain Institute gets Yavapai County high school students started on the path to a variety of exciting careers with training, college credit and multiple certification options.

Mountain Institute, a Career Technical Education District (CTED), does this by offering enhanced Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that students take while concurrently attending high school. It’s not just for public school students either; we encourage charter school and home school students to get their careers started by enrolling in CTED programs.